Monday, March 31, 2008

Mom experience at the doctor's

I am now officially a mom...Bentley hasn't pooped for another week now. We've been praying for him to be able to do so. I need to be more specific ,when praying, about the timing though. I went to the doctor's office and right when the doctor came in, I noticed that Bentley was sweating real bad. I looked down and saw his face was bright red...and then BAM! A huge explosion! Immediately it leaked through his clothes and all over my sweater. I put him on the doctor's table and was trying to think about where to even start. And of course you only have like 5 min. with the doctor, so I was trying to talk to her and answer her questions while trying to clean Bentley. I opened my wipes and I only had 3 of them left, which was not enough for this project! It was one of those moments where it would have been easier to start over with a new kid. When the doctor left, a nurse came in. She said, "I heard we have a big mess in here". (Which was an understatement). She was putting all the poop contaminated clothes in garbage bags and getting wet paper towels for me (of course this is like the one doctor's office that doesn't have wet was an asthma and allergy clinic). And just this week Bentley's arms have gotten long enough to reach down to his as you can immagine, he reached down and grabbed a handful of pooh and was flailing his arm around, getting it all over his chest, in his hair, etc.. Of course Bentley was smiling the whole time because he felt much better now. Anyways, it was a hard job but somehow I did it. He went home in a sweatshirt and socks. He's now sleeping in bed, having taken a long bath. Shew!..Which is where I need to be right now, in bed taking a nap. But now I need to do laundry to clean poop stained clothes.