Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Blogging re-birth...Summer fun #1

Some of you may have noticed that I haven't updated our blog in almost 4 months! I have several excuses for this: 1. I can NOT be on the computer when my toddler is awake. Otherwise I am battling him pushing the off button on the computer (or breaking the printer like he did yesterday). 2. We steal the internet from Aaron's brother Jon. They rearranged their family room and now their computer is across the room and our signal is weak and so I have to sit in our bathroom on the edge of the toilet to get connection. If it's a good day I can sit on my bed. Lame that we don't have our own internet, we know. But it's almost too late to get it at this point. Yes, I am currently on the toilet now, but no, not flagging the computer. 3. With a busy summer it hasn't been a priority. 4. We don't think to empty our camera very often, which = no new pictures on blog.
So there ya go. So this is summer fun #1. I didn't want to put ALL of our pictures on here at once, so I'm doing it in batches. So I'll probably get the rest up in a week or so. So sit on the edge of your seats checking the computer each day to see when that time will come!

Sippy cup time!

Yes, he loves his sippy cups! What a cute boy, if I must say so myself! I just LOVE this smile of his.

Bath time

Aaron and I were having fun during Bentley's bath time. He loves lions, dinosaurs, and anything that can say "rawwrrrr". But sometimes he does have his moments of being a little scared too.

Screen door

Here's Bentley at his finest! He was being so funny pressing his face against our screen door. Hey old roomates...does this remind you of taping our faces freshman year? Ha ha!


What better way to be a kid than swim with your clothes on and go sloshing out in the rain?!

Tomatoe Season!

There is nothing like fresh tomatoes. This year Bentley just LOVED eating cherry tomatoes from the garden. Here he is chowing down.

Royals Game

Here we are in front of the Royals Field. Although the Royals aren't the best, they have an awesome field and it's fun to go together anyway.

Bentley LOVES animals and mascots from afar, but not so much fun up close.

Girls Camp

So this year at Girls Camp I was the lifeguard. This was the most fun way to experience camp. I came out in the afternoon in time for the girls to swim. I got sun and was able to wade in the water the whole time. Then I stayed for all the fun evening activities and went home each night to sleep in my own bed. It was awesome. Being pregnant I wasn't wanting to sleeping in a hot, humid tent anyway.

Crab legs!

Tyler and his girlfriend Kristina came to Kansas to visit us. Aaron made us all crab legs one of the nights. I absolutely LOVE crab legs! So fun and delicious!

4th of July fun!

Bentley had his first sparkler experience. Like his dad, he loves fireworks. Hopefully he'll learn to not do everything his dad does, like you'll see in this video. The fire looks worse than it was...but I must admit it does look awesome. In Kansas, there aren't any firework regulations, so it's like a war zone all around us the week of the 4th.

Science City

This is an awesome place in Kansas City. We went there when Tyler and his girlfriend Kristina (now fiance!) came to visit.
Bentley loves to play miniature golf.

Bentley is scared of the carousel, so Aaron ended up carrying him. Here's Aaron feeling silly just standing there.

Fun with cousins

Bentley and Matthew snug in a tub

No, my son doesn't push his cousin...what would make you say that?....we totally caught it on camera!

Mechanical Bull

Here's a fun show of Aaron riding a Mechanical Bull!

Train table

Bentley loves his train table!