Thursday, October 30, 2008

He's walking!

Happy 1st Birthday!

Our sweet boy just turned 1! I can't believe it! The time has just flown by so fast. We made him a watermelon cake out of red velvet (watermelon is his favorite but you can't find it this time of year). I have to find a picture of him eating the cake. I have it somewhere. What an amazing little guy Bentley has been. We couldn't have asked for a sweeter baby. He always makes us laugh and loves laughing with us. Happy Birthday cutie!

Here he is opening presents. He got some books from daddy. He loves his reading time.

We also got him some bath foam letters. Here he is playing with them.

He got pretty good spelling with the letters! What a smart little guy!

We also got him a giraffe bike that he's still trying to figure out.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008


We have become great friends with Mike and Carrie Sims and their kids and they finally got baptised! We're so excited for them. They are such an awesome family and will make a great addition to our ward.

Bentley's Kitchen

Bentley LOVES getting into my cupboards, so I gave him his own. He loves his new space and dishes.

Monday, October 13, 2008


Bentley had so much fun with all of his cousins! They were all so nice to him and loved finding ways to make him laugh.

I love that Kennedy (7 yrs old) is just about as big as Bentley.

Bus ride

So Aaron's cousin Stellios drives a bus. We never saw it coming. So all the Xantos' came over in it and of course we all had to go for a ride. It was 11pm though and when we got back, he stopped the bus and opened the stop sign, so oncoming traffic had to wait for us all to cross the street. And some people were in pj's. So I'm sure the people waiting thought they were dropping off people at a crazy house. It was funny!

Stellios in his glory.


We played Clue and dressed as the characters with Tyler (Msr. Beutant, or something like that), his girlfriend Kristina (Mrs. White), Tyler's roomate Rob (Professor Plum), Aaron (Col. Mustard), and me (Ms. Scarlet). We had so much fun and were just plain rediculous.

Random Utah pictures

Aaron is saying, "You just got Hulked"!

While in Utah Bentley learned how to clap his hands (as he is demonstrating here), wave, climb up and down stairs, and he even took his first steps! (When he'll walk on demand is when I'll get a video of him doing it).

Aaron and Bentley sharing a twizzler.

We were able to go to Angela's mission friends, Christian and Daniella's, sealing. It was such a wonderful experience. They were so nice and AWESOME to and aunt and uncle.

Mission reunion

Here I am with President and Sister Marriott. They are really awesome people.

There weren't many missionaries at the reunion, but a few of my favorites were: Hunter (and his wife), Garfield, and used-to-be-Mutterer.

Of course another favorite, Hintze and his family.

This was a nice couple, the Hinckleys.

Aaron's friends

Aaron wanted to see some of his friends while we were in Utah. Here he is with Brady and his cute baby, who wasn't the happiest camper since it was past her bedtime.

Here we are with Jon, Emily, and Natalie. It was so fun to see all of you!

Hiking Timp Caves

Aaron carried Bentley the whole way up and down!

We went with Aaron's mom, two Brasilian friends of Angela's, Daniella and Christian, and Angela's mission companion, Carolina.

This is the "heart" of the cave.

My cute boy and me.


In Sundance resort

My dad was so nice to treat all of us kids to dinner. We went to the Foundry Grill. They had the BEST butternut squash soup. I think we all got some.

Night out with the Fischers

Everyone at Tucanos

Aaron, Bentley, and me with Angela and Miguel

Miguel REALLY wanted his meat.

Cafe Rio

This is Bentley's first trip to Cafe Rio!

His pacifier holder went under his leg, so whenever he tried to put his paci in, his leg got lifted up with it. When he would let go of his paci, it would pop out because of the weight of his leg! It was so funny to watch because he did it over and over again!

Bentley kept looking up wondering where the music was coming from (I don't think he's figured out ceiling speakers yet).

Bath time

We stayed the night at Uncle Tyler's house (aka my mom and dad's house). So Bentley got to take a bath in the sink.

Hangin' with Stella

This is my best friend Paige's baby Stella

Bentley kept going in for the kill. He kept trying to kiss her we think?

Paige and I met up with our other old roomate Chantelle for lunch. It was so fun to see you guys!

Bentley and Stella's sleepover. It's funny to see the difference between boys and girls. Stella was so dainty and Bentley was pretty rough around her (also a difference in size).