Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Art class

I teach art lessons from home to three 6-8 yr olds. It's been fun. We just had an art show so their friends and family could see their art.

I just love these still life's they made with oil pastels. It's fun to see each of their different perspectives.


This is a cute apron I made for my friend Paige and her daughter for her birthday.



I look Bentley to the flower gardens that surround the lake by our house. I tried to get some cute pictures. It's kinda hard to do that will a toddler. But here's a few fun ones.


Here's the 3 cousins hanging out.

Ice cream

Chug, chug, chug!

Looks like a happy, fat boy.

Cool Dude

He is just so cute.

Paige's trip

My best friend Paige and her little girl Stella came out to play with us! It was soooo much fun! This is the only picture I have of us together! We're on the fun train ride that goes around a park.

Bentley and Stella played on this toolshed NONstop! The only bad parts were when Bentley would want to switch stools and would knock Stella over (she's not quite as solid and therefore as steady as Bentley).

You always need a tub picture. We'll have this one in their wedding video!

Don't let this photo deceive you. Bentley is actually twice the size as Stella. It looks like here they're pretty even, but Bentley is about 2 feet away from Stella.

We had fun on the playgrounds.

We have an awesome zoo here in Topeka. It's small and the animals are real close. This gorilla is pretty much right up to the glass.

Bentley was OBSESSED with this little carousel at the mall. He would try to mooch off a ride if someone else was willing to pay for their kid to ride.


Bentley had the most fun playing with my birthday balloons! He also loves to hoard balls too.

"HELLO!"...You just got hulked!

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! That's all I have to say about this.

Tressa's birthday...back in March!

Yep, the big 27. I'm getting closer to 30.

Aaron made a monster of a cake for me. It was insane and good.

All Bentley

So since I haven't blogged in FOREVER, instead of posting a million different videos, I put them all in one big movie party. So here's our cute boy with all his laughs and tricks! Oh, and this is a long video to warn you (slow at times even because I didn't want to take time to edit it. And it also may seem like we never put clothes on our child. Maybe he just performs better in nothing than his diaper?...that's all my disclaimers).

Cereal dance

Yep, he is dancing on top of the Cheerios he just dumped out.

But who could get mad at such a cute face like this?

Prank time

So we're lucky enough to be involved with the youth in our ward. The draw back is being pranked. It all started when some of the young women TP-ed our mailbox (because we don't have trees yet). So I got them all back by TPing their beds one day. And these pictures are a fraction of what they did to our house to get us back! (Jon and Miriam were traitors and gave them our spare key!). So I think we're pretty much done now with the pranks.


I just love this picture of the two of us!