Monday, June 20, 2011


My cute boys playing in the snow.

Bentley normally doesn't enjoy the cold, but building a fort with his dad is an exception.

Santa came to visit while my family was all together

All Bentley wanted for Christmas was "grabbers". That means salad tongs! He was slightly disappointed on Christmas day when I bought him toy grabbers vs. the tongs! Ha!

Then we had to do the classic Nativity Scene

Somewhere during the night my dad brought out the "Festivus Pole". Ha!

Making ginger bread houses with the cousins!

For some reason we didn't have a good picture of all of Aaron's family together for Christmas even though his Brother Matt and sister Angela came into town. But here's a cute picture of Grandma Mimi and Vovo with the kids.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Our nephew Evan

Our nephew Evan went through this phase where he had such a funny and cute photo smile. I just had to make a special post about it.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Back to the Y

Aaron went back to school to get his MBA at BYU. This is his first day of school picture.

We loved going back to the BYU football games!

Brinley got a little worn out from the game!

We're #1!!

What a fun year being able to watch the Jimmer shows!

...But Bentley's favorite part about any games are COSMO! He is always looking for him during the games. This made his day to take a picture with him!

Aaron and I got into intramurals this year. We both played football and basketball. So fun!

Cute boy!

Sitting on his lego throne.

He went through a phase where he wanted to share his gum with his toys. Apparently all the Toy Story friends needed some.

I came out one morning finding this. Going to town on my loaf of french bread I was planning on using for dinner. With a mouth full he said, "Mom, can I have some of this bread?!". Ha ha. Just like his mom, right Paige?

Blueberry milkshake!

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Happy Halloween

Bentley chose all of our costumes this year. He wanted to be Woody from Toy Story. So Aaron was chosen as Buzz Lightyear, I was Jessi, Brinley was Bo Peep.

Bentley got into character with all of our costumes for Halloween. So cute.

Cute girl!

Brinley LOVES taking all the shoes down from the shoe shelf. And I can't get mad because of this cute face smiling back at me!

Here's our dancing queen! She's feeling the rhythm!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Bentley's 3! (was in October)!

We celebrated my mom's and Bentley's birthdays together. But Bentley got to choose the cake. He loves blue cars.

Aaron was going to be at a conference for his actual birthday, so he made a paper with a list of Bentley's favorite things to do on it and we did as many as we could in a day... Here the boys are go carting.

...Playing at the park

...Brinley being very cute on the swings.

...playing at Chuck E Cheese

Mom and Bentley on his actual birthday

We went to the Aquarium with his friend Stella.

All day he kept saying he needed a REALLY BIG party hat. We went to the dollar store and he said the hats there weren't big enough. So I got poster board and stickers and made it big enough!

Monday, June 6, 2011

Summer 2010 Fun

This summer my family had a reunion down in Kanab, UT. We had fun exploring.

Kurtis holding Bentley, Ali, Max, Kennedy, Erika, and Broderick.

There was a really fun pool. The guys had a fun time playing a throwing soccer game they made up.

All the girls had fun playing with Brinley's hair.

Aunt Heather is the one with the french braid skills.

This summer our family went to Bryce Canyon and Cedar Breaks. It was so beautiful! And we had such a fun time.

Aaron and Bentley went up to Idaho to visit Aaron's older brother David. Bentley loves Uncle David and had so much fun. They even caught a fish from a creek on David's property.