Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Bath time

Same age, same tub, both cute, both chubby.....

But Brinley, sorry to say that you can't compete with your heavyweight brother at your age!


Bentley looked so cute at church we had to take pictures.

He puts toys into this clear back pack and loves to carry them around.

Evan's birthday party

Our nephew Evan turned 2 and had a swim party. Here's Bentley going down the slip n' slide.

Here's Aaron enjoying the slip n' slide more than the kids.

All the kids dog piling Aaron.


These are 3 peas in a pod. The 3 stooges. They fight like crazy but are the best of friends. These cousins are pretty much brothers. Bentley is going to miss them terribly.

Cute kids.


She has found her toes. And boy do they seem fun!


I LOVE my new haircut. I love having my hair off my neck. I love that my baby doesn't grab hand fulls of hair. I love that it takes about 5-10 minutes instead of 30-40 to do. Happiness:)

To the Father of my children

This is such a cute picture of Aaron with the kids. I think it shows his playful personality very well. He loves hugging, wrestling, tickling, running, and hiding with them. We celebrated Father's Day, but I wanted to do a special Father's tribute to Aaron. Thanks for being the best dad to our children. They love you. I love you. Thank you for being more than I ever expected possible.

Goodbye home

We did it. We are the lucky few that were able to sell our home in this market...and even luckier because we did it For Sale By Owner. We sold it a month ago and have been living in some apartments close by. We were so excited that our home sold that we don't even mind living in a temporarily inconvenient situation. But we also miss our beautiful home. Here's our tribute to it. And here we are saying bye to our home.

This is the beautiful deck Aaron built. We LOVED it. I think that's what we miss the most! We went outside all the time because of it. I'm sure we'll build another one in our next permanent home.


There was a kid's race that our friends told us about and Bentley ran in it. I was so proud of him! He ran in a 1/4 mile race and he ran the whole time! Aaron ran right beside him incase he needed any help, but he didn't need any! There were some ladies running behind him that told him he was doing good and with a straight, very serious face he said, "Yeah. I'm running SO fast."

Bentley's friends, Ethan, Ellie, and Emma ran races too that day.

Here's the proud runner with his metal!


Ok, you all see my sideways pictures. My vertical pictures used to post normal. Then one day magically...not normal and sideways! Does anyone know how to fix this? We have a MAC and we load our pictures onto the computer via Image Capture. In Image Capture there is NOT an option to rotate your picture. I even tried looking this problem up online and no help. So please HELP ME!

Play time

This is Brinley's friend Everleigh. We're sad we have to move away from her though:(

Brinley's paci got stuck on her face!

Now she's trying to get it off!

Monday, June 28, 2010

Happy boy

This movie is to help over ride any messages the following picture may say about my son's happiness.

I love this picture. It makes me laugh everytime I walk past the fridge. I'm pretty sure he was the only kid not smiling in his picture. It must have been a rough day. This picture was presented to me ripped already, which adds to the personality of the magnet.


This was my first Mother's Day with Brinley. What a cute, sweet girl. My only sadness was that we left Bentley home with Grandma and Grandpa Fischer while we went on a trip to Boston. I mostly missed him on Mother's Day.

Our first night in Boston Aaron surprised me and took me to a Bed and Breakfast in Marblehead for our anniversary. It was our big number 5! It was such a fun, beautiful place.

This was the ocean view around Marblehead. We just wished we had more time to spend there, but we had to head back to the city.

We went to a Lilac park with Angela. It was really pretty and smelled even better.

We thought it was so funny to walk through Boston Common and see a banjo group playing music and dancing with a cow. They were promoting people to drink raw milk.

This is a tribute to my mom who [used to] buy and drink raw milk.

Here's a great picture of the city (minus being sideways).

This is a cemetery where famous people are buried. Aaron's sister was our tour guide and her famous saying to most places was, "This is very old and famous"...so yeah, we didn't get very many details of the places we went to, but it was still fun.

We went on a fun boat ride with Angela.

A beautiful view of the city behind us.

This was the first church in Boston. Every family had their own assigned, closed-in pew. Where is such a thing now-a-days? It would be much easier to keep the kids contained!

We went to a Red Sox game with Aaron's sister Angela and her friend Bryan. Brinley got a lot of attention at the game. I think people were surprised we brought such a little baby out on a cold, late night. Ehh, she survived.

After the game we went to a French restaurant where we ate good cheese and excellent desserts.

This is one of the desserts we got. It came with its own chocolate leaning tower!

Before we left, we were able to visit the Boston Temple. It was so awesome to see such a difference between a busy, loud city and then go inside such a peaceful, clean, quiet place. A good end to a fun trip.