Sunday, January 10, 2010

Here you go.

When it comes to blogging for me, when it rains, it pours. I haven't blogged since Halloween! So make sure you get to see ALL the fun things we have been up to the past few months! (Including our very cute addition.

Is she going to be a gangster?.....

Or made for the "finer" things in life?

Home at last

Bentley was excited to be back home. He had fun with Matthew and Evan, but there's no place like home. Hope you enjoy Bentley's display of his cracker!

Proud daddy.

Brinley Althea Fischer

We were so excited to welcome Brinley into our family. She is such a doll. And although labor is hard, I felt it went better the second time. I feel the Lord really blessed me, especially since we were blessed with a healthy, beautiful girl. Here we are RIGHT after she was born.

All of us right after. Brinley was 8lbs. 0oz., 20 1/2 in.

Our first picture of our growing family.

Bentley's first time holding his sister. He loves touching her hair softly. He also loves it when she grabs his finger. He laughs and says, "Ha ha. Baby.". The other day he ran up to her and really loudly said, "RAWWRRRR!!!". She got a good scare. So we told him he has to be soft with the baby. So now he comes up to her and whispers, "rawwrr". He calls it his baby rawrr.

Mommy and Brinley right before we left the hospital.

Just cuz

My cute boys.

Cute family.

Happy New Year!

This is our sad New Year's picture because we didn't get our extra tax deduction this year!

Bentley loved the party blower thingys.

Lazy Boy

Our friends gave Bentley this chair that their son has outgrown. Bentley apparently is quite fond of it.

My new husband!

Here's the worst of it. 3 1/2 months and $500 later. It was a crazy bet, but probably worth it in the long run.

Aaron shaved and cut his hair in the same day. We should have weighed him because he probably lost a few lbs. of hair! Now I have my cute husband back again! Bentley kept asking that day, "Mustache go?", "Beard go?". Then he came to his own conclusion that, "Jon took it". Jon, I don't know why you took it, but have fun with the hair that won't be missed here!

Cute Bentley moments

This is a display of cute things Bentley is saying, singing songs, reading books, etc.


I love this huge grin! Here's Bentley Christmas morning in front of the tree. He was excited that he could finally touch the presents.

We've gotten A LOT of snow this year. Kansas usually doesn't get this much. Here's Aaron and Bentley sledding. Bentley only lasts maybe 20 min. outside because he HATES the cold. They got a good hill going down our deck into the back yard. Because of snow drifts, there were some areas of are yard that were 3 ft. high and other areas where you could still see the grass!

Christmas pictures

We took some family pictures after Christmas Sunday.

Here's some of Bentley's mad jumping skills. He loves jumping off EVERYTHING! Such a boy.


We went to Arkansas for my cousin, Grace's wedding. We then stayed through Thanksgiving because my Aunt Mardie and all of her kids and their families live out in Arkansas. It was so fun to see all of them again. I'm so sad that I don't have any pictures besides my cousin Joe's family. I think sometimes I get so excited on vacation and in the moment that I forget to take pictures!

While we were in Memphis, we thought we should definitely go see Graceland. When we got there, parking was $10 and each ticket to get in was $35. (That was the minimal tour too!). Since we didn't plan on down payments for this event, we just took a picture in front of the sign and called it good.

There's a hotel called The Peabody Hotel in Little Rock that has a parade of ducks in the hotel. In the morning they march the ducks down the elevator and across a red carpet, into a fountain, where they stay the remainder of the day until they are marched back up into their dens for the evening. It was so fun and Bentley LOVED it!

We also went on a walk across the "Big Dam Bridge" with my cousin Sam. It was a HUGE bridge and so windy once we got on top.

This was Bentley's buddy, Ruby, during the trip. It's my cousin Joe's little girl. SO cute.

After Thanksgiving we went to a park with Joe's family and Sam. Yeah, I don't know why I didn't take picture at Thanksgiving.

House layout

I have a friend who designs houses. Her computer only prints out the design of the house in 2-D. So she usually has an artist draw an artistic rendition of the house by looking at the blueprints. I thought this would be easy, but was MUCH harder and took much longer than I thought it would be. But here's the pictures I drew. I was pretty proud of myself. Not sure if I'll be asked to do it again, but we'll see.

Here's some layovers to show the clients possibilities.

These are the only papers I had to go off of!

Just a few cute ones

I absolutely LOVE this picture! It just shows a glimpse of how cute my little boy is!

And I love this picture too of my cute boys (could have done w/o the chops for this picture, but more on that later).

Aaron is so good with kids. Here's a Bentley and Matthew (our nephew) tower

Baby Shower

My sister-in-law, Miriam, and I at my shower. She and my friend Aline we so sweet to throw one for me.

This is the awesome cake that Miriam is so talented at making!