Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Home Updates

Here's our home. We had a big yard day on Saturday and added shutters, landscaping, and planter pots.

The new shutters.

Our pots

The bushes we planted. Thanks mom for the help!

While I was in Utah, Aaron tiled both of our bathroom floors. He did such a great job and I loved the color he picked out too!

Visiting my hometown Brownsburg, Indiana...warning...these pictures will most probably only be interesting to my family

On the way to Brownsburg, I took a picture of Bentley in the car. I thought he was looking very GQish. So if he becomes a model one day, it all started here.

Here's the water tower

My old high school (under construction)

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This firestation is across the street from my neighborhood. There used to only be a field there.

The 'ol neighborhood

Here's my old home that we built and I lived in my first 17 years of life.

Here's our yard and Travis, there's MY oak tree.

This is the living room (the piano is about where ours was).

This is the old dining room. They tore down the archway that was there so that it is one room now.

Grandma's kitchen and family room

This porch was added on by the new owners

This is our favorite neighbor, Mrs. Lott, who lived across the street.

Here's our church building. It looked the same to me. And I love Bentley's smile here as he's fish hooking himself!

This is the parking lot directly behind the church (the field where we used to play softball). There are houses surrounding the church building.

Again showing more houses by the church.

Utah Trip

Bentley and I went on a trip to Utah for my old roomate, Chantelle's, wedding. Here's all 6 of us roomies and the groom (and obviously the bride).

5 of us roomates all had babies within 5 months of each other! Nikki's baby is MIA (she left her at her aunt's house...she's not really missing).

My parents are serving a mission in Buenos Aires, Argentina as the MTC presidents. They wanted a picture of all of us kids. My mom was concerned about Tyler's afro growing out so we wetted it down and put gel in it for the picture. He is showing off his new doo here. He normally doesn't look this creepy!

Similar point as above...but instead we put a wig on Tyler

My nieces, Erika, Kennedy, and Ali, wanted in on the goofy wig pictures

My nephews Broderick and Max

A common scene at my family get-togethers...the Greg's and Kurtis watching sports

My nieces playing with American Girl dolls

On Mother's Day Bentley and I woke up before the rest of the Fischer household. I got a bow on his head, some little flowers in his hand and a note on him that said, "Happy Mother's Day" and I sat him infront of Mae Fischer's door. She and Col. Dear were happy and surprised to see such a cute Mother's Day present. So here I am with Bentley for my first Mother's Day!

Bentley and I with Mae and Col. Dear, Angela and her boyfriend Miguel

Friday, May 23, 2008

3 year anniversary!

Aaron was so cute and made a "Hotel de Fischer" experience for me. It included valet parking (in our garage), excelent child care (Aaron's awesome brother Jon and his wife Miriam watched Bentley), wonderful homecooked meal, a dance floor (streamers decorated our basement), a movie (27 Dresses), and a bubble bath for me. It was such a fun time. I'm lucky to have married Aaron. I love him so much!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Our Chicago trip

My highlight...WICKED!

Chicago style pizza came at a big price...from wait time until we got our pizza was 3 hours! Bentley had had it by the end. My old mission friend Amanda and her husband Mike were nice enough to let us stay with them.

We met up with one of my childhood best friends, Ashley and her fiance Dan

You don't need to go to Pennsylvania for a Hershey experience!

This was a cool interactive video sculpture/fountain thingy

American Gothic or Fischer Gothic?

I love this picture of Bentley's cute grin!

Bentley had a trick for about a week where he would smack his lips. Here he is kissing the camera.