Friday, November 6, 2009


We love Halloween and like to be creative with our costumes. This year I was an oven (get it?...bun in the oven?), so Aaron was a chef and Bentley was a cookie because he's already baked!

Trick-or-treating. Bentley loved going door to door to get candy! He mostly enjoyed banging his metal candy bucket on the sidewalk as we went along.

After we came home he had such a fun time playing in my oven. He loves to say, "Where'd Bentley go?" So that then we'll ask that question. Then he pops his head out and says, "There he is!". So cute!

Then after we took his costume off, he decided to eat his cookie shirt.

Halloween Party

We hosted a Halloween dinner party. Everyone had to dress up and Aaron made the menu fun so no one knew what they were getting until it was in front of them.

We had unexpected entertainment for the night because my next-door-neighbor's car engine exploded in his driveway! Our cul-de-sac was full of fire trucks and police cars! I'm just glad it wasn't a house!

For the evening, I dressed up as a skeleton (baby decided to join the festivities as well)!

Carving Pumpkins

We had such a fun time carving pumpins.

Bentley loved coloring all over his.

It's hard to see, but my pumpkin has a baby pumpkin attached to it and I drew arms holding it, so it looks pregnant. Aaron's is all hairy. And Bentley's says, "Rawrr!".

Play time

This is the normal agenda. We get home from being out and Bentley has to run and get all his sport toys out of the garage and dump them in the yard to play with them.

Pumpkin Farm

We had such a fun day at the pumpkin farm! Bentley was eating some candy, so I couldn't quite get his cute smile out since he was preoccupied!

There was a hay jump that his Aunt Miriam helped him go down. I wasn't really up for jumping.

He REALLY wanted to try going down the blow-up slide. I told him that if he could go up on his own, then he could do it. And he's an awesome climber! He had so much fun and wanted to do it over and over again! He just looks so small on such a big slide!

Taking a ride with his cousins.


These are some of our best friends out here, the Sims. Their whole family just got sealed together a few weeks ago in the temple. It was such an awesome experience to be there with them. I can't believe that we didn't think to take pictures until after Mike and Carrie had changed out of their white clothes! It was a busy day though.