Monday, March 8, 2010

Cute kids.

My sweet 2 month old girl! Time really does fly.

Bentley is so sweet with Brinley...sometimes with a very STRONG love (as seen here).


He loves raiding my jewerly drawers!

"Once there was a snowman....

...tall, Tall, TALL!". Yes, a ladder was used to put the top on this one! (again, how do you fix the picture layout?!!!)

Bentley's latest show

Aaron's family

We were in Utah for almost 2 weeks. On vacation I usually forget to take pictures. So here's pictures of Aaron's family, but I don't really have any of mine!
This is Vovo (Aaron's grandma) holding Brinley.

Sleeping Grandpa and Brinley.

Grandmimi and Grandpa with the kids.

Brinley's baby blessing

She is wearing a dress my mom made. It was SO gorgeous and she looked so beautiful in it!

Here's all the cousins on my side (minus Leoni)

Dress up

This coat said "0-6 months". Apparently it should say in parenthesis (closer to 6 months).

One of the best things about having a girl is playing dress up!

Aaron Dunking

Holding his sister

This is Bentley being sooo cute holding Brinley.

A few moments later, this is Bentley desperately trying to escape from his sister.

Why wasn't dad saving Brinley instead of taking these pictures?!!

Brin's bath

Here's Brinley's first bath after her button fell off.

After her baths, she turns into quite the fluffy chick!

Nikki's wedding!

One of my best friends and roomate from college, Nikki, just got remarried. Here's the cute couple. It was a beautiful wedding. We all cried the whole time. It was so fun to see her happy again. Don't know why these pics are sideways and don't know how to fix it. Any ideas???

She wore her grandmother's wedding dress (altered a bit). Isn't it soooo cute?!

All of us roomates (minus Lauren :( came out to Cali for it. We missed you Lo! We all had such a blast. These are the type of girls where we can not see each other for the longest time, get together and then not skip a beat.

And I may or may not have flown my 10 day old baby with me to California! At least it was somewhere warmer!