Sunday, July 31, 2011


We had such a fun time driving through Kansas to go to our internship in Minnesota. Sometimes when we're having so much fun we forget to take pictures! But here's the highlights of hangin' with the fam.

While we were out to dinner, our waiter brought us our water and SURPRISE!...the waiter was Aaron's brother Matt! We had no clue he was coming out to Kansas while we were there. He talked to the restaurant manager and even got a uniform so he looked official! So funny. Surprising, but yet, if you know the Fischers, no surprise at all.

Aaron and Matt

We had so much fun meeting our new niece Anna! Jon and Miriam, you've done good.

All of the Fischer cousins. Bentley especially had so much fun hanging out with his cousins again! That was the hardest thing about leaving Kansas...taking Bentley from his best friends Matthew and Evan.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Happy Easter!

I just LOVE the progression of pictures taken Easter morning. I posted them in order taken.

Aaron's parents came over to do an egg hunt with the kids. Bentley fell asleep early so Brinley had so much attention that she didn't even know what to do with herself!

The bunny outfit is one that I had as a toddler. I am on the t.v. in the background at Brinley's age wearing it!

Egg hunt and Grandma and Grandpa Wilson's house.

Cousin Kennedy just LOVES Brinley. She and all of the other cousins fight who can hold her first. This girl is definitely loved. So sorry she's getting out of her holding stage!


BYU's Splash n' Dash. This race was a 1 mile swim and 10k run. I did the race with some of the girls I work out with in the morning (and whom I still miss because they have now moved away to get jobs elsewhere. Tear.).

This was my first triathlon. 5k run, 10 mile bike, 350m swim. Very fun. My brother Tyler did it with me. We ran together and then he ditched me when I almost ran into him with my bike because a car swerved into me. True story.

Many sides to Brinley

Baby Polamalu

Shew, watching tv really wore this baby out!


Bentley loves his new pirate costume. He even needed a "cape" so he may or may not be wearing a dish clothe.

Bentley and his pirate friend Brandon. So cute!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

MBA friends. Love them!

We have loved the MBA program at BYU. We've met so many great friends. They have a WONDERFUL spouse association. We have so many fun activities for ourselves and our kids. It's made not seeing our husbands much a lot easier. So many fabulous friends!

MBASA class of 2012 and 2011 below. Aaron loved his first semester group. We grew so close to their families too.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Art Students

I taught art lessons this year and had an art show for the kids. They got so excited for the show! Sweet bunch of great students. I had them hold up their favorite artwork they had created.

McKenna and Brayden...watercolor

Ellie...shapes (an elephant)

Gretta...texture relief





Broken leg

Bentley broke his leg when he was jumping on the trampoline with his cousins. He didn't fall off. No one landed on him. Just one of those freak things. We'll let him jump again, but we'll probably have rules about the number of people he's with and those in similar size to him. We had MANY trials along the way with this, but Bentley was such a good sport about it all!

Grandma gave him some gifts right when he broke it. Here he used a stamp all over his "good" leg!

We pulled him around in this wagon my friend let me borrow.

Bentley got to the point where he could almost move around just as fast with his cast on. I only remembered to record him running when we were at the doctor's office, about to get it off!

We got The Incredibles as a "Cast is taken off present". This is his excitement face!

Fire house tour

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Ice Castle

These ice sculptures were an awesome place to go! I can't even describe how cool they looked.