Sunday, July 31, 2011


We had such a fun time driving through Kansas to go to our internship in Minnesota. Sometimes when we're having so much fun we forget to take pictures! But here's the highlights of hangin' with the fam.

While we were out to dinner, our waiter brought us our water and SURPRISE!...the waiter was Aaron's brother Matt! We had no clue he was coming out to Kansas while we were there. He talked to the restaurant manager and even got a uniform so he looked official! So funny. Surprising, but yet, if you know the Fischers, no surprise at all.

Aaron and Matt

We had so much fun meeting our new niece Anna! Jon and Miriam, you've done good.

All of the Fischer cousins. Bentley especially had so much fun hanging out with his cousins again! That was the hardest thing about leaving Kansas...taking Bentley from his best friends Matthew and Evan.


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