Thursday, July 7, 2011

Brinley's 1! (was in January)

Brinley's 1!!! What a joy and delight she has been to our family. We just ADORE her!

Yes, this is a bite taken out of the flower!

Here's one of her many cakes

Brin got a cute rocker that Grandma Wilson found at a garage sale. We painted it and got some dolls for her. All of the plastic sheeting is due to potty training Bentley. I think we're finally there! It only took about 6 months! Hopefully Brinley will be easier!

Brin's party guests.

Bentley apparently couldn't handle Brinley having the spotlight. He needed to show off his new big boy underware.

My sister Heather had her birthday shortly after Brin's and I found this great shirt and had to have Brinley wear it for her!

Shortly after her birthday, she stared walking. She walked earlier this day, but this was the first time it was captured.

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