Thursday, December 25, 2008

Gingerbread houses

Bentley had so much fun making his first gingerbread house. He didn't get the concept that you're supposed to leave the candy on the house.

Everyone helping with the kiddos

This is one hoarder with lots of candy in his cheeks.

And this is his look of determination!

Tyler singing

Christmas break fun!

Friday, December 12, 2008

When it rains it pours

I haven't posted in almost 2months and today I went out of control putting on posts. So for those of you who have been as bored as I have looking at Halloween pictures for 2 months, here's a whole load for you.

My new talent

I made a last minute Halloween costume for my nephew this year. He LOVES Thomas the train. Then my friends asked me to make a costume for their sons Christmas program. He needed to be a toy and wanted to be Lightning McQueen.

It all starts with diaper boxes.

He Mixes

For the Fischers...Question: "Does he mix?" Answer: "He mixes".

Doing the dishes

This is Bentley "helping" me with the dishes. He pushes the bottom drawer in so he can sit on the door. I'm learning to do dishes more when he's distracted in the other room or sleeping.

This is his triumphant stance.

Brown vs. Board

For those of you that don't know, Brown vs. Board was the case about segregation in the schools. This was the main school in the case and happens to be in Topeka, right by our house. It is an AWESOME museum to visit. We even met Linda Brown while we were there (the girl that got all the media attention during it all).

I just LOVE this picture of my two cute boys!

Funny Boy

This is a collection of 3 videos of Bentley being his funny self. The first is of him eating food from his hair. The 2nd is of him laughing at his Aunt Angela's hair. The 3rd is dancing in the bath. Enjoy!


We had ALL the Kansas family over for dessert one night. Fun and crazy as always.

Bentley loves playing inside his toy boxes

Aaron made these pies and many more. He was very proud of them. And they were sooooo GOOD!

Messy eater...just like mom

Bentley loves spoons!

Twilight party

Yep, I went ahead and was one of the many Twilight fans that saw the movie opening night. A group of us women went together. We bought our tickets weeks in advance and then stayed in line a few hours before the viewing. It was fun to be in a movie theatre with all girls (although they were mostly all teenagers). Ha ha. It was fun.

Christmas pictures

Happy holidays from the Fischers...especially our crying boy. We thought this was funny because Aaron and I are smiling nicely and someone else is not.

Here's our real picture we used this year. Thanks Erica for helping out!

Painting party

I had a painting party a few months ago where several ladies got together and I taught them how to do abstract art and let them go at it and gave them instruction along the way. This is one of the paintings (that I pretty much did most of it). It's pretty large and going above their bed.


Hanging out in the cupboards

We kept telling Matthew to stop splashing Bentley in the face...caught in action!

Matthew's innocent face afterwards!

My cute smiling boy!

Crazy boys

Aaron and his dad went on a walk down where they were doing construction by our house. Lets just say they got a little silly. I'll leave it at that.

Ghetto derby car

The elder's quarum decided to have a derby car race for their get together. I think Aaron might have gotten an award for the least time spent on it? Those are pool balls tapped onto the car for the weight if you can't see it. But somehow he did still manage to cut his hand with a drill during the creating process.